Sandwich Generation

There’s really nothing clever to say about sandwiches, unless you want to resort to sexist “make me a sandwich” jokes. We are supposed to be living in the “sandwich generation” time of our life right now, pressed between the competing needs of our parents and our children. Truth be told, our parents are doing pretty well at taking care of their own needs, while our children soak up most of our energy with their swirling vortex of needs and wants. Does that make us an open faced sandwich? Try not to think about that too hard. Instead, look at the pretty sandwiches I made this week! These turkey tea sandwiches, from the Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, stayed on the “will make someday” list for a long time because they call for raisin nut bread. Blah. Like this week’s peaches in sauternes, though, they do not call for butter or oil, a rarity in Ina world for sure. I found a lovely cranberry pistachio bread instead – think Thanksgiving in July. It was a really nice lunch time treat.


Second, I made the grilled salmon sandwiches in Parties! The dill and basil spread made these taste fresh and bright. I love these and would not hesitate to serve them at a party.


What’s your favorite sandwich? A Reuben on rye? PB & J? A BLT?  Or something you invented, maybe?

Completed/Remaining: 534/152



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2 responses to “Sandwich Generation

  1. To paraphrase Liz Lemon:

    Do you want to hear my world view? I believe all people are connected by one thing: the sandwich. All anyone wants in this life is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich.

    Favorites? Turkey and Swiss with mustard on a sesame seed roll…hummus, tomatoes, and assorted veggies on wheat…and of course the Italian sub…and shrimp po’boys

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