Peaches in Sauternes

I was intimidated by this recipe, from Barefoot in Paris, for years, because fresh peaches and expensive wine both seemed like ingredients too precious to waste if I made any mistakes. This is the last of the peach recipes in the Contessa collection, at least until her new cookbook is published this fall, so I decided to go for it. There is nothing quite like a fresh peach, eaten simply on its own, but somehow all of the peaches end up ripe at the same time, and so they just beg to be used on other ways.

After striking out a few times in my search for Sauternes, I finally tried the local liquor store, with a three-year-old in tow, naturally. The French wine expert there not only knew where to find the Sauternes, but he also had experience cooking with it and even talked me into a slightly less expensive substitute for this recipe.




I used a glass trifle dish – you can see how it classed up our already-crowded refrigerator. My husband bravely tasted it, and promptly declared it too boozey for my tastes while he dished up seconds for himself. Isn’t he so considerate? Seriously, though, from a recipe perspective, it couldn’t be easier, even counting the hunt for the fancy wine. It is one of the few Ina recipes that does not call for butter, oil, or salt, and there is no cooking or baking involved. If you aren’t a drinker, I’d probably steer clear, but if you enjoy a little adult refreshment now and then, by all means, pour on, friends. Cheers!

Completed/Remaining: 532/154




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  1. HI Carrie Welcome to Texas I am in Oregon still but I ll bet you miss MN now but you will like Tx too. Did that contact with our fav gal ever lead to anything? I never heard back about what finally she ended up doing? Your new home looks lovely!

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