Listeria Hysteria

After finishing all of the peach recipes from the Barefoot Contessa cookbooks, I had to try my hand at a peach cobbler recipe from Cook’s Illustrated (the America’s Test Kitchen people). True to form, their recipe was painstakingly detailed, and if I had followed each step precisely, I would have dirtied every mixing bowl in my kitchen, and probably a few from a neighbor’s kitchen, too. I combined some steps to save on dirty dishes, but still followed all of the measurements and instructions to their exacting specifications. The result was, as promised, amazing.

Neil and I devoured our dessert, and both proclaimed it the finest cobbler ever cobbled.

Listeria Cobbler

Listeria Cobbler

Not even an hour later, I received a call from Costco’s automated recall telephone number. It seems that the peaches I cobbled were subject to a nationwide recall for possible listeria contamination.

Well, damn. I was really hoping for an entire week this summer where none of us was sick.

Hopefully, we prevented any illness by cooking the peaches at a high temperature. Otherwise, dear friends, it was nice knowing you. Make sure the kids know that I love them, and make sure that my Le Creuset dutch oven ends up in responsible hands.



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4 responses to “Listeria Hysteria

  1. Baker, Carolyn


  2. I am glad that children missed out on the peaches, and praying for the parents! As I have aged, I have grown in my appreciation of CI. I miss glossy pages but the recipes are always amazing! And for Jim’s shortcake recipe, check out the back of a Bisquick box. Serve right out of the oven w/fruit of your choice (I hesitate to suggest peaches considering…) w/fresh whipped cream. Stay well 🙂

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