Stewed Tomatoes and Lentils

It may be easier to start by explaining what this recipe (from Barefoot Contessa at Home) isn’t, instead of describing what it is.

It is not … going to win a beauty contest.

It may not … be the best dish for entertaining important guests.

It is not … kid-friendly, at least for my kids.

But! If you’ve been maybe hitting the queso a little too hard, and the tomatoes from your CSA are (to state it mildly) disappointing and you find yourself having to roast them instead of eating them as God herself intended them (in a caprese salad, or if you’re my husband, smack dab between two slices of white bread and some mayo, with salt and pepper), this could be the perfect recipe for you. I made it one night when Neil had a really late night at work, and I knew I’d be making something uninspiring for the kids. It really didn’t take too long, even though I used fresh tomatoes instead of canned. I baked them on a baking sheet with olive oil for 30 minutes or so at 375F, and then crushed them with their juices in the food processor.


The end result was a not-disappointing dinner, and there’s something to be said for that. I used cumin instead of curry. If you wanted a little heat without curry powder, you could add some crushed red pepper. There have been similar recipes floating around the New York Times and Bon Appetit sites this week, so it must be the season for this kind of dish.


As a bonus, you can see my pretty new tea kettle in the background in this photo. I had a gift card to Sur la Table from a Minnesota friend that had been just waiting to be used (thanks, Betsy!). I love it.

I may complain about the tomatoes, but I’m trying to give our Houston CSA a fair trial. I don’t think we’re in a traditional growing season here yet – I think we may still be in the “early spring” stages of this growing season, and so I’m trying to be patient. The tomatoes are truly terrible, and some of our onions were rotten inside. Thankfully, the seasons aren’t too long, so if we really don’t like this farm, we can switch to another one after Thanksgiving. It’s actually good to miss some things in Minnesota. The weather in Texas has been so glorious lately, and I feel somewhat disloyal to Minnesota for enjoying it so much. One great thing about the CSA here has been the eggs. We get a dozen “yard eggs” each week, and in addition to using them in baking, I made the smitten kitchen feta and potato frittata (not linked on her website – only in her cookbook) for some guests this past weekend.  The recipe says it feeds 6-8, but our crew of four adults and one 12-year-old practically licked the plate clean, before I even took a photo.

There’s less than a week until the new cookbook comes out, and Ina published the index on her website. What will I make first?? The recipe for the oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies is already up on the website – I’m tempted to try it this weekend. There are exactly 100 new recipes in the index for the new book, which seems kind of daunting, but at least it will be easy to tack on to the current number of recipes. I’ll admit it – I’m kind of excited that there’s a dog biscuit recipe in there – Tippet and Birdie will be so happy!

Completed/Remaining: 551/135


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  1. I’m convinced that there are lentil recipes that will be keepers and favorites, but so far every one I try is…fine.

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