Rum (or vanilla?) Raisin Rice Pudding


I put off using this recipe (from Family Style) for years, because I never have rum. Then, I read the recipe. There are a grand total of two tablespoons of rum in the whole thing, and its only purpose is for soaking the raisins. And so, I used vanilla extract instead. Sorry Trent! I also added a little cinnamon. It was delicious. It was so good, in fact, that I wonder why Ina hasn’t made more variations on this in later cookbooks. Maybe because it doesn’t photograph well? I could see a citrus-y version with Grand Marnier and dried cranberries, or a chocolate version with a shot of espresso.

Completed/remaining: 580/206


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3 responses to “Rum (or vanilla?) Raisin Rice Pudding

  1. We made vanilla extract and now I feel too weird to put it in stuff for the kids. For example, the other day we were making banana milk (banana, milk, vanilla, blender). If we had normal vanilla extract from the store, fine. But homemade vanilla extract means I know I would just be spiking their breakfast with vanilla infused vodka..

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