Gingered Basmati Rice

We got a boatload of broccoli from the CSA last week, so I made this lemon chicken and broccoli dish that has been in our rotation for years. (One tweak: I add a sauteed onion to the chicken/broccoli dish, because I add a sauteed onion to just about everything these days.) I served it over the Gingered Basmati Rice from Make it Ahead, and it was a really nice combination. I did add more liquid and cooking time to the rice – it was a little crunchy after the prescribed cooking time, but that might have had something to do with the stove. As long as you keep adding liquid, you can keep cooking rice for a while. The combination of brown rice, chicken stock, garlic, and ginger seems like a wise combination (especially paired with broccoli, more garlic, and citrus), as the winter germ season seems to be upon us.

The leftovers made a really nice fried rice the next day, with some vegetables, scrambled egg, and soy sauce thrown in with sesame oil.














Completed/remaining: 598/188

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