Chocolate Chip Brioche Pretzels

I’m pretty sure that the first monk who made the first pretzels as a Lenten meal for his brother monks did not think “chocolate” and “brioche” would be any part of a Lenten sacrifice. But we all have our own weird-ish versions of Lent, don’t we?

I’ve never actually made homemade pretzels before, at least not as an adult. I think there might have been some church activity long ago involving pretzels, but I guarantee I didn’t make the dough, and I’m 100% certain that there weren’t any chocolate chips in it. This week, it’s been kind of cold-ish, by Houston standards anyway, and I wanted to make homemade bread or cookies, and I couldn’t decide between the two. So, I used this recipe from the smitten kitchen‘s cookbook.

Have I mentioned how much I adore the smitten kitchen? As much as I love Ina, I find Deb Perelman, the home cook behind the smitten kitchen, to be much more relatable. She’s a mom, and she’s upfront about her quirks and preferences. Her writing is engaging, and her recipes are amazing.

These were easier than I thought they’d be, but if I made them again, I think I’d add some coarse salt instead of coarse sugar at the end. Still, Rowan didn’t object, and he’s been inhaling them since they came out of the oven.



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