Retro Night, Revised

Like most children of the 1970s and ’80s, Neil and I grew up eating sloppy joes on the regular. When I found out that Manwich (the chauvinistically-named canned sloppy joe sauce of our youth) contains high fructose corn syrup, I went in search of a recipe for a homemade version several years ago. It’s evolved over the years, and now we even use bison instead of ground beef.

In honor of our retro sloppy joe night, I made the Iceberg Salad in Make it Ahead. It calls for blue cheese, so naturally, I used feta. Like our sloppy joe recipe, it has evolved from its 1970s iceberg ancestors, but it still retains its vintage charm.


Of course, once I’m in a vintage mood, there’s very little that can stop me from combing through old cookbooks. So, yeah.


Completed/remaining: 611/175


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  1. That tongue recipe is revolting and wonderful! Old cookbooks are the best. One day we’re going to look back and say, “Quinoa!? Who were these weirdos?”

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