Guest Post by Kelly! Wild Rice Salad

If I’m going to finish all of these recipes before the End Times, I’m going to need a little lot of help from my friends. My sweet friend Kelly, who blogs at Jet and Bean asked me a few weeks ago if I’d ever made the Wild Rice Salad from How Easy is That? I told her that I hadn’t, and then shamelessly asked her to write a blog post for me if she decided to make it. Lucky for me (and for you all) she said yes! If you see something that I haven’t covered yet on Thimagee List and you’re interested in contributing a guest post, please let me know!

…and apologies to Kelly and readers. The formatting is all wonky because WordPress and our outdated software aren’t playing well together. I have several posts lined up and waiting… Thanks for your patience!

A perfect Easter lunch is one that shouts, “Christ is risen! Rejoice!” but can also be made the

day before and is ready to eat within thirty minutes of arriving home from church.  We

sometimes get it in our heads that salmon is the thing to eat on Easter, so I was looking for a

rice dish that could be made the day before and served cold.  Ina Garten’s Wild Rice Salad

looked perfect, both for its simplicity and its use of pecans.  We (happily) have a surplus of


The salad was simple and quick to toss together.  I used red wine vinegar instead of

raspberry vinegar and threw in a little extra of everything except the oranges.  This was my

first experience with trying to segment an orange like a chef on a reality show, and it proved

to be just as tricky as it looks.  Many orange segments were lost in the process.

The end result was a nice dish that was overshadowed by everything else we ate for lunch on

Easter.  It had to compete with broccoli and bacon salad and parmesan baked zucchini, and

that’s a tough heat.   We ate the leftover wild rice salad on Monday night with chicken and

vegetables, and gave it a much more glowing review.  It’s not necessarily a holiday worthy

recipe, but much nicer than what I would usually serve with chicken and vegetables on a

Monday, which is probably just a glass of water.  It’s a good make ahead side for a weeknight

family dinner.

A terrible dish is one that is less than the sum of its parts, like a bowl of Cheerios and

ketchup.  A fantastic dish is one that is so much more than the sum of its parts, like a

s’more.  Do I ever just want to eat a marshmallow?  I do not.  But would I devour a s’more at

any given moment?  Yes.  Definitely.  A good weeknight dish is on that is equal to the sum of

its parts, like a cold salad that tastes like wild rice with fruit, pecans, and craisins.

Completed/remaining: 614/172


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  1. Kelly: Carrie called me her sweet friend.
    Trent: Aww. She doesn’t know you like I do.

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