Tri Berry Crumbles

I have a whole backlog of recipes I’ve cooked over the past several weeks, but our software is not on speaking terms with wordpress, and pictures are just a pain to upload. Once I get them uploaded, the format is all wonky. For this post, I was able to upload a photo, but I can’t seem to update the index. Boo! We’ll get it fixed, but until then, I’m keeping a running list of the recipes I’ve made to share with you – some from Ina, and some from the smitten kitchen.

I made the tri berry crumbles (from Make It Ahead) on Palm Sunday weekend, when we had guests in town. The fresh berries weren’t all the best, so I ended up using a combination of fresh and frozen berries. These weren’t all so different from other berry crisps in Ina’s canon – in fact, I’m pretty sure we could create an internet engine or dice game with key words from Ina’s previous cookbooks to guess what’s coming next: “tri-berry,” “honey vanilla,” “chocolate mocha,” “potato fennel” on one dice, and “muffins,” “gratin” and “crumble” on the other dice. She seems to keep finding new uses for the same ingredients in different combinations. Whatever works, right?

It was kind of fun to serve them in individual dishes. I don’t have a ton of little dishes that all match, but that was part of the fun. I wouldn’t say that the flavor suffered any from frozen versus fresh berries, but the appearance might have been a little bit off from the frozen berries. No matter when you cover the whole mess up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!


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