Roasted Tomato Caprese Salad


We’ve been watching The Americans at night after the kids go to bed, while I fold laundry and Neil thinks important thoughts (or something…). It’s about some Russian spies who pose as American citizens in the Washington DC suburbs in the early 1980s. It’s a bit violent for my taste, but the human interest pulls me back in every time. Plus, I want to be Kerri Russell when I grow up.

It doesn’t take too many nights of watching this show to get a little bit paranoid, and maybe come up with some conspiracy theories of one’s own. Is that car following me? Did someone just peer into our window? Is everyone in Texas lying to me about tomatoes?

See, we’ve lived here for just a few weeks shy of a year, and there are no decent tomatoes to be found. Anywhere. If you ask someone about it, they will tell you that it’s the wrong season for them, and claim that the season is a few months from now. Well, those few months have come and gone several times, and still no great, mouthwatering tomatoes. Is it a conspiracy? Or do people here just not understand what a great tomato really is? (Hint: a great tomato can generally be eaten raw, without gagging.)

And so, I was more than ready to try Ina’s roasted tomato Caprese salad from Back to Basics, which claims to turn cardboardy Roma tomatoes into something wonderful.

It was ok, but not wonderful. The salad tasted a little bit like pizza. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with pizza. But it’s not the same as a really great tomato.

Completed/Remaining: 633/153

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  1. How are you watching The Americans? Is it on Netflix?

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