Mango (or Peach) and Banana Daquiris

A friend recently wrote me a note (as in, a real live paper thank-you note) to thank us for hosting her family for dinner. She said that coming to our house was like walking into a family reunion. That might be the best hostess compliment I’ve ever gotten. We are not white tablecloth and multiple-forks-for-multiple-courses people. In fact, you might be lucky if you get a fork at all. But I like that our home is comfortable, and I hope people enjoy themselves here. That note made my day.

In that spirit, when another friend invited us over to celebrate his birthday with cocktails and dessert, I did what any good family member would do – pushily insist on bringing what I want to bring. In this case, it was the mango banana daquiris from Back to Basics. I was sure I had all the ingredients, if I substituted light rum (used in the watermelon mojitos last week) for the dark rum called for in this recipe. I was going to buy dark rum, but there were flash flood warnings that night, and now we’re kind of terrified of going anywhere in Houston during flash flood warnings, for fear that we’ll have to travel by boat to get home.

Of course, when we were ten minutes from being ready to leave and I was ready to mix the drinks, I couldn’t find the frozen mango that I was *certain* was in our freezer. I use frozen mango chunks for smoothies all the time, and I’m sure I saw some in the freezer just last week. Well, after a gazillion things fell out of the freezer and onto my feet, causing me to say all kinds of words that people tend to say at family reunions, I settled on frozen peaches instead. They’re kind of the same color, and as it turns out, our hostess for the evening is allergic to mango, so she wouldn’t have been able to try the original recipe.

I’m not sure this can even pass for the original recipe, given the light rum and peach substitutions, but everyone who tried it said it was delicious. I had to laugh when I was mixing it up, because all of the articles floating around online about how to make healthy smoothies warn against using fruit juice, because it’s so high in (natural) sugar and calories. I’m not sure they have rum in mind as a liquid substitution.


Once again, I’m proving myself to be the unofficial non-drinking family bartender. I’d be curious to see how this would turn out with other fruit flavors. Maybe pineapple next time? Or coconut water for some of the lime juice? Or maybe berries? This was a truly Texan daquiri, with peaches and Texas-distilled rum. Bottoms up!

Completed/remaining: 637/149

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One response to “Mango (or Peach) and Banana Daquiris

  1. Sue Ross

    Carrie, I am the Deacon at Ascension Dallas. Your brother is our new rector and he just posted a comment on Facebook mentioning your blog. I clicked on it and have been laughing out loud since! I, too, love to cook and have all of Ina’s cookbooks! Love the blog & your humor! Your brother is a very welcome presence among us also! Hope to meet you soon!

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