Just add cheese

Under the theory that everything is better with buttery bread crumbs and grated gruyere, Ina brings us these two recipes from Make It Ahead.

First, these Coquilles St. Jacques, which is a fancy way of saying Delectable Scallops in Amazing Sauce. This is a half batch, minus the curry, and plopped in a pyrex dish instead of individual gratin dishes.


And then, stuffed zucchini, with fresh bread crumbs instead of bread cubes.


Both were a little bit labor-and-dishes-intensive, but so, so worth it.

Completed/remaining: 639/147


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4 responses to “Just add cheese

  1. Trent Williams #theguywhoneverchangesarecipe

    Dear Contessa-Curessa,
    We love your imaginative rethinking of ALL of us and would never want you to stay up at night worrying about all of the time we spent being tested and written down so that you could just change us.

    Your Friends,
    Every Recipe You Have

    • Dear Trent, you make 600+ new recipes for three picky eaters, and we’ll talk. Not sorry!!

      • Trent Williams #theguywhoneverchangesarecipe

        By the way, this comes from the guy who does not spend much time cooking and would not change a recipe even if it was clearly wrong, I mean it was on the internet, it must be right. I love all of Carrie’s food and how she can adapt anything, because who would want to have nightmares about scallops.

  2. I think The Scalloped Nightmares would be a great name for a band.

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