Herb-Roasted Fish

I know that the Barefoot Contessa recipes have a reputation for amazing flavor and easy-to-follow instructions, but also for over-the-top decadence. Some of that reputation is well-earned, of course. This is the woman that introduced us to truffle butter on everything, after all. But sometimes, she comes up with something brilliant and healthy, and it kind of introduces some balance into our world. Her lentils fall into that category, for example, as do any of the roasted vegetable recipes.

This herb-roasted fish, from Make It Ahead, might be my new favorite way to make white fish. It’s so easy – fresh herbs, lemon juice, a few olives, and a filet of white fish (we used cod), all wrapped up in a beautiful little package and roasted for 15 minutes. We halved the recipe on a weeknight, but you could just as easily double it for a larger crowd.


You can assemble the packets in advance, but they take less time to assemble than it takes for the oven to preheat. While they’re in the oven, you have just enough time to cook some quinoa and wilt some spinach, and then you have a spa-worthy dinner.


Or, as long as the oven is hot, you could roast some vegetables, too. We both loved this combination, and I’ll definitely make it again. Costco sells individually-wrapped, wild-caught frozen cod, and so I usually have it in the freezer. It thaws pretty quickly in a cold water bath, and so this is easily weeknight-worthy.

Completed/remaining: 640/146


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2 responses to “Herb-Roasted Fish

  1. Trent Williams #theguywhoneverchangesarecipe

    I have been wanting to try this with some of the banana leaves we have growing in the backyard. Of course, I could not use this recipe for that since it calls for some sort of paper and I am too chicken to change a recipe.
    If you ever need any banana leaves let me know.

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