Spanish Starters + French Salad

We welcomed old friends to town as they are moving here, and I know they’ve been spending a lot of time on the road and unpacking boxes. Plus, it’s starting to get hot and sticky here. So, fresh and light were what we wanted.

The sangría (from Make It Ahead) is a nice way to stretch a bottle of wine into something fruity. And punchy.


The Spanish Tapas Peppers (also from Make It Ahead) have an ingredient list that looks like Peggy Hill’s substitute Spanish teacher lesson plan after she dipped into the sangría.


Olives, anchovies, raisins (????), garlic, sherry… It sounded like a really bad idea. And yet… it worked! The peppers were too small when I cut them into sixths, so I ended up quartering them instead (sorry Trent! But I used all the weird ingredients!).


Continuing with our continental theme, I made the tuna salad niçoise from the barefoot contessa cookbook. It’s hard to describe how beautiful and delicious and EASY it was! What scared me off before now? The anchovies? Or olives? Or the eight tuna steaks? (We did one giant tuna steak and some lemon grilled chicken from the same cookbook to fill it all in.) This might be the perfect summer entertaining food. I made almost everything in advance and just seered the tuna right before we ate. I bought some radishes and cucumbers to fill it in if we needed more, but we didn’t.


It was all so good! Yay for summer weekends!

Completed/remaining: 643/143


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