Affogato Sundaes

I was going to make these to eat after our Niçoise salad, but I had a flat of peaches that were just beggin to be made into a peach crisp, so I switched gears at the last minute.

imageThen, we were gearing up for Tropical Storm Bill, which thankfully turned out to be a non-event in our neighborhood, but who doesn’t love a good freezer inventory on a rainy day? We had all of the ingredients, and thought about what a shame it would be to throw away perfectly good gelato in the event of an actual weather event and power outage … And we did  what could only be considered the responsible adult thing to do.

This recipe (from Back to Basics) is a really delightful combination of espresso, gelato, whipped cream, and chocolate-covered espresso beans. It is so much more than the sum of its parts. It would have been equally good by flashlight or candlelight, but I’m more than a little glad that our power and air conditioning stayed on this time!

Completed/remaining: 644/142


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