People Who Love To Eat


When we moved here last year, I told myself that the move was nothing more than putting our things in boxes and taking our things out of boxes in another state. Of course, I’m not three years old, so I knew that it was much, much more than that. But I think that if I really thought about how much I would miss our dear friends, I would have hidden in their basements instead of bravely driving down I-35.

It turned out that I had just enough denial in me to buck up and hug them goodbye, but Neil can tell you that barely a day goes by when I don’t get just a little bit teary about how I miss Julia. And Sarah. And Mary. And Molly… The list can go on for a while.

Usually a quick text can get me back on my feet again, but what really gets me out of a funk is time spent with wonderful Texan friends. They won’t replace anyone, of course, but they’re not trying to do that. In a perfect world, we would all gather around our dining room table together, and all of my people would be each other’s people.

Until then, we are going to enjoy the people we have right here in our neighborhood. Some of these beautiful people love food as much as we do, and that is a wonderful thing. Last night, I made chicken marbella, Ina’s Cape Cod salad, Ina’s braised red cabbage, and the roasted artichokes from How Easy Is That.


This was amazing on its own, but would have been fantastic as part of an antipasto platter. I have wanted to make this for a long time, but I only recently found frozen artichokes at the store. Delicious.

Our food-loving friends made strawberry cake. They can come back any time.


Completed/remaining: 652/134


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