Easy Provençal Lamb

This recipe, from How Easy is That?, seemed kind of weird to me. Tomatoes, honey, and onion? With mustard? But it turned out really well. The timing was spot on for a medium rare leg of lamb, and it was delicious with whole wheat couscous and broccolini. After having leg of lamb with white beans before, I could not resist adding some white beans to the tomato mixture when it came out of the oven. (Is this the key to the French paradox – adding instead of taking away? White beans clean the lamb out of your arteries? Walking takes the bread off of your waist? Fresh fish takes care of all that butter? Red wine cancels the smoking?) It was all delicious. I give you permission to use crushed tomatoes instead of fresh, because it’s all going in the oven anyway.


I’m teaching high school Sunday School this year, and lucky for my students, we happened to be talking about the Passover and Exodus from Egypt this week. (The curriculum doesn’t follow the lectionary, which is why we’re talking about the Passover in October, but as my co-teacher Kelly pointed out, we “do” the Passover every Sunday at the Eucharist. Good point!) Anyway, I brought in some pieces of lamb for the students to try, along with some other traditional passover foods like charoset, unleavened bread (er, saltine crackers), and bitter herbs (well, parsley is an herb, and broccolini is a bit bitter, so it kind of worked). Our students are curious and bright, and they ask great questions, so it was a great conversation. I love learning about food and sharing food, so it was a great morning.

A lot of people ask me where I buy lamb. I got this at Costco, which is where we get a lot of meat and fish. They have a huge organic selection, and (almost) everything is great. If it’s not great, they will give you a refund. We’re big fans.

Completed/remaining: 653/133

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