All glory, laud and fish eggs!

Happy Easter!

Easter is my favorite, as I describe in this piece recently published on the Episcopal Cafe. And so, it seemed as good a time as any to roll out the Caviar Dip from Barefoot Contessa Parties!

It was easy, delicious, and fancy, which happen to be my trinity of requirements of food to bring for a holiday celebration. (I didn’t even know that someone else was bringing poached salmon – how perfect was that, to go with the salmon roe?) I think the caviar was beautiful and Eastery. I made a double batch of the dip, and left some uncaviar-ed for those who don’t care for it. The un-fishy version was just a really nice dill dip for carrots or crackers.


Another dish that fits these requirements is the zucchini with almond pesto recipe from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook:


And as long as you’re here, check out these Easter revelers, with their Easter gardens that they planted at church on Holy Saturday. They make me smile every day. The last one is blurry because life.



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