The Golden Crust Society

When we moved to Houston (two years ago this week!), we started a new adventure and new experiences, which I wrote about here. One of those new experiences was living in a rectory, or church-owned housing. We live in the house as a part of Neil’s compensation, and neither of us had ever lived in a rectory before.  I can’t speak to everyone’s experiences, but our time in this rectory has been extremely kind to us. We love this house. It’s our privilege and our responsibility to care for it, and to continue to build memories here. We have been really fortunate that the church has been generous in encouraging us to make it our home.

As part of feeling right at home here, we invited a huge crew of people to celebrate Thanksgiving with us last year. It was the perfect occasion for the ovens to show off their stuff. And they did, but they were apparently taking the scenic route that day. We figured out that the ovens weren’t maintaining their temperatures. Fortunately, the dinner still got cooked, and nobody was rushed to the hospital with food poisoning. But that was the beginning of the end for the poor ovens. Due to the nature of the problems and the age of the ovens, they had to go. I’ve been cooking with them since then, keeping a close eye on whatever’s cooking, and building in extra cooking time for the temperamental temps.

In the meantime, we went looking for replacement ovens. I don’t pretend to understand the workings of church budgets, but I do know that new ovens weren’t in this year’s budget. Fortunately, there were some very generous donors who contributed to the fund to replace them. I won’t embarrass them by naming them, but I want them to know how grateful we are for their generosity. They’re now part of the Golden Crust Society, which is something I just made up. We’ll have an oven christening party, and maybe oven-anniversaries.

Stay tuned for what’s coming to fill this space!


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3 responses to “The Golden Crust Society

  1. Mollie Douglas Turner

    So are the boys asking “What’s the witch done with Gretel?”

    Have fun with new appliances–can’t wait to hear what you bake for those lucky Golden Crusters!

  2. noodleroux

    I hear The Golden Crust Society is completely legit and very exclusive.

    Also? Your boys are adorable!

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