New ovens +church camp

The new ovens are in, and they are beautiful! Someone thinks we should read the manual before baking anything.


Later this month, we are hosting a dinner party to thank all of the generous donors who contributed to the ovens. (It’s going to be Ottolenghi-themed, so stay tuned for details!) In the meantime, I made cookies for the hardworking guys that installed and oversaw the project. I used Amy Thielen’s chocolate chip cookie recipe from her book, The New Midwestern Table. I have to be careful when paging through the pages of her book, because if I look too long at the photos of the Midwest, I get achingly homesick for wide open prairies and rolling hills, and cool summer mornings.


I’m also getting a little homesick for church camp, which was my home away from home during the summers of my childhood. We’re gearing up to send our oldest to camp, and he is so very excited. I don’t know what he’ll eat there, but we’re already scheming about what to put in his care packages. I wrote about my own summer camp experience here. I am 90% excited for him and 10% worried about him, but he is 150% excited, so it shouldn’t take me long to get on board. In the meantime, he is very excited to help me bake in those shiny new ovens!




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