Above the fruited plain

I’m not an entertaining expert, but I think the way it goes in most households is that a host decides to invite some people over, and then creates a menu and makes a bunch of food. In our household, it sometimes happens that way, but more often it’s the opposite: I make a bunch of food, and then decide we should probably have some guests over to help us eat it all. And so, if you ever get a last minute invitation from me, you should be flattered instead of offended, because I’ve decided that if I’m going to share and have to spend time with other humans, I’ve chosen you. You’re welcome.

This time, it was a 4th of July impromptu picnic. A boat of sangrĂ­a, a red white and blue trifle, and this pie were the bounty that started it all. Rowan and I made it together, and it was as delicious as it was patriotically beautiful. Sure, it doesn’t meet the standards set forth in the U.S. Flag Code, but it’s not like we we’re saluting it. We declared independence from conventional pies, and we were quite happy to share this one.

Happy Independence Day!



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2 responses to “Above the fruited plain

  1. Linda Klitzke

    And it was very, very good!

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