Tomatoes Provençal


We’ve lived in Houston for a few years now, and we love it. Sure, the traffic is hellacious and the summers are misery, but we kind of knew about that before we moved here. My only real disappointments are that nobody really says “howdy,” and the general lack of good tomatoes. Even our CSA brought us moldy tomatoes here. Every once in a while, I impersonate an optimist, and I buy tomatoes at the farmers market. These tomatoes were mediocre at best, which made it not so risky to use them in this recipe from Family Style. As it turns out, the French really know what they’re going: adding bread and cheese to anything – cruddy tomatoes, crabby kids – make them much more palatable. This was a winner. I wouldn’t use this recipe with really good tomatoes. You should eat those raw, and not tell me too much about what I’m missing.

We had this ( for dessert for Rowan’s half birthday and for Ben’s “camper of the week” at day camp. Rowan is eight and a half – here he is on his first half birthday at six months. He is growing up so fast, and just as handsome as ever. Happy Friday, everyone!


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