The Fastest Summer Ever

How is it time for back-to-school already?

This summer has flown by. We have had so much fun for the past few summers, which has been a nice change of pace from the two previous summers, which we spent moving or getting ready to move. I think our kids have enjoyed the summers as much as we have, or at least I hope they have.

We just spent a week at Camp Allen, where Neil served as chaplain for a week at our diocesan camp and conference center. It was really wonderful family time, and a huge gift from the Diocese of Texas and Camp Allen that we were able to do that. We ate well, slept well, and swam every day. I wrote a little bit about our back-and-forthing here. 

On our last day, floating around in the pool, I told my husband that I needed something to look forward to, after our somewhat laid-back summer schedules. Our daily grind is about the best daily grind we can imagine, and yet… I get a little restless sometimes in the daily grindiness of it. And so, we talked about a few dinner parties (stay tuned!), and of course the Gilmore Girls revival, which I wrote about here.

But of course, the thing that I’m most anticipating this fall is Ina’s new cookbook! I vaguely recall that the smitten kitchen’s new cookbook should be arriving soon, too, but amazon hasn’t been pestering me to pre-order it yet, so I must be mistaken.

I’d really like to get the list of recipes I haven’t made yet down to under 100 before the new cookbook comes out, but the first few weeks of school are going to be brutal, and that list is looking uglier and uglier. I need to add “learn to like blue cheese” to my to-do list, stat.

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  1. Margie

    Perhaps instead of learning to like blue cheese, you can discover a really good substitute for it?

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