Brown Rice and Wheatberries

This recipe (from Foolproof) might be the sleeper hit of the season. Brown rice and wheat berries sounds like a sad crunchy mix of healthy grains, but it was delicious. I used an additional half-cup of stock, which I simmered off at the very end of the cooking time. The rice was that nice m-word for not-dry, and very flavorful.


I served this at a dinner party with chicken marbella, some roasted asparagus, a green salad, and the New York Times plum cake for dessert, all to rave reviews. I think it might be my new favorite side dish. We served six for dinner and probably still had 3-4 servings left over, so the serving sizes are extra generous. Don’t worry, though, because the leftovers are just as good.

Completed/remaining: 678/108


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