Parish Retreat + New Cookbook + Mbird OKC!

All of that granola was a big hit at the parish retreat, along with my now-infamous pumpkin spice oatmeal (I added butter and subbed more brown sugar for the honey this time, and nobody complained). I also wrote a little bit more about the retreat for mockingbird. 

Right after we got back from camp, Neil left for clergy conference. (I don’t recommend this plan, by the way. At all. If they want my granola next year, they’re going to have to think that through a little bit better.)

While he was away, the new Ina cookbook came! It is lovely in every way, except for a certain seafood curry recipe that I don’t want to discuss. Look at how happy Ina and Jeffrey look, though! This makes me smile.


I didn’t have a chance to cook from it right away, though, because right after Neil got home, I left for the Mockingbird Conference in Oklahoma City. I had so much fun. I led a breakout session about The Kingdom of Heaven According to Hollywood: It’s Not Where You Think It is, and then I gave a talk about welcoming children in church. I had the best time, and if I weren’t coming home to my favorite three people (and two dogs) on the planet, I would have been so sad to leave. The people at All Souls Episcopal Church in OKC were so warm and hospitable, and the conference attendees were a very gracious audience. I loved it.

This is the first time an Ina cookbook has come out and I haven’t cooked from it RIGHT AWAY, so I have to confess: I took it with me on the airplane. I started making lists for Thanksgiving, and for our family, and for my parents when they visit in a few weeks. I came home with a grocery list, and I couldn’t wait to start cooking. Today, I made a beautiful (apparently French?) dish of roasted chicken with radishes, and roasted broccolini. We learned from our CSA days that radishes taste completely different when cooked, and I don’t know any vegetable that doesn’t taste fantastic after it’s spent some time under a roasting chicken. These were both delicious, and a great way to celebrate being home together.


Completed/remaining: 680/190

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