Winner Winner

I am really enjoying everything I’ve made so far from Ina’s new cookbook, Cooking for Jeffrey. It’s a pleasant surprise, when we’d all started to think that there couldn’t be anything new to offer. This is the first weekend we’ve had at home in a long time, and the first weekend without many plans in an even longer time. I’ve taken advantage of that time to cook some of the recipes in the new cookbook. Tonight’a winner winner chicken dinner was the pan-roasted chicken with lemon and thyme, roasted potatoes with lemon and rosemary, and shaved sautéed Brussels sprouts. Other than the disgusting sound that the chicken made when I butterflied it (gah), and the extra lemon I put on the potatoes (oops), everything was amazing. For dessert, I made the apple bars from the new cookbook, also amazing. (Side note: I finally mastered the shortbread crust after seven years of failing at it, and miserably so. I don’t know what I did differently, but yay?)

Completed/remaining: 685/185


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  1. Tricia

    My husband made the Spiced Pecans and the Crispy Shells & Cauliflower Bake yesterday. The pecans are good, if not as crisp as I’d like. The cauliflower bake (and we LOVE roasted cauliflower) was just okay and VERY heavy on the sage. Also, he used low-fat ricotta (anathema!), so don’t do that if you try it! I want to make the apple pie bars, too.

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