Thanksgiving 2016!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration this year. The boys had a week off of school, and my sainted parents came to entertain them for the days when we were at work. They had grandparents’ day at school, a book fair at school, a few days in Galveston on the beach, and then several days at home to read books, take walks, watch movies, and hang out. We all had a great time, and we’re so grateful that they came to stay with us.

For the Thanksgiving meal, I mostly stuck with our old favorites, with a few new things thrown in for fun. I made the maple-roasted carrot salad from Cooking with Jeffrey, and it was nothing short of amazing. Seriously. I never thought I’d get so excited about a salad, especially as part of a Thanksgiving feast, but it was terrific. The recipe can be found here.

We didn’t have room in the kitchen or on our plates to make a sweet potato dish for the actual Thanksgiving meal, but I made tsimmes, a fall vegetable dish from Cooking with Jeffrey, to eat with the leftovers. It was also delicious (and super easy).

We never eat as many leftovers as I think we will, but the Italian White Beans with Escarole (also from Cooking with Jeffrey) was a great light dish to make with turkey stock, and it tasted nothing like turkey. Everybody loved it.

The boys were all lucky enough to go pick satsumas from a dear friend’s backyard tree. I made orange cookies with their harvest. They’re my dad’s favorite.

I thought I would cook more, and I had kind of an ambitious list, but I think my dishwasher might have gone on strike if I had loaded any more dishes into it. As it was, we had plenty to eat and plenty to do. I think we were all grateful to head back to school and work this morning, even as we count down the days until Christmas.

Completed/remaining: 695/175

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  1. Linda Klitzke

    We enjoyed it all! Thanks for everything. We are breakfasted and waiting peacefully for our flight. It was a great visit. Mom

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