Solstice Staff Party!

We entertained the Palmer staff at the rectory this afternoon, and it was so much fun! We mixed it up with some new and some old recipes, and if you include the polenta recipe I forgot to blog a while back (creamy Parmesan polenta goes really well with chicken marbella, even though I forgot to photograph it a few weeks ago, in case you were wondering), I am firmly over the 700 recipes completed mark. Hooray!!

For starters, we had spiced pecans (from Cooking for Jeffrey) and lobster salad in endive (from The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook). We also served wine, punch (sorbet, raspberries and ginger ale – everybody’s favorite!), and French 75 cocktails from Cooking with Jeffrey (everybody’s new favorite). For the main course, we had a few salads, beef tenderloin with Gorgonzola sauce from Parties! (I’d made the tenderloin but not the sauce before – it was a huge hit), potato fennel gratin from the Barefoot Contessa cookbook, and roasted asparagus. For dessert, I tried to make the cream cheese pound cake from Cooking with Jeffrey, but it was literally a big flop. So, I made gingerbread cake, peppermint brownies, and Meyer lemon cookies, and served them along with port wine, Stilton, and pears (from Parties!), Moravian cookies, and fruitcake.

I think we’re all ready for Christmas now!


Completed/remaining: 703/167

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    It all looks lovely and delicious! Hope you and Neil had time to enjoy the party.

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