Two more veggie dishes from CFJ

It’s the first day of summer! And by the looks of my kitchen this week, it’s the first week in a long time when I’ve had the time to cook, and some summer produce to use. Last night, I made the zucchini and leek frittata from Cooking for Jeffrey. This isn’t a completely vegetarian dish, as it has a smidgen of pancetta in it, but it was still pretty veggie-centric, and easy and quick enough for a weeknight.


After the kids went to bed, I assembled the crusty cauliflower and shells, also from Cooking for Jeffrey, so I could bake it for a potluck at church tonight. This looks like it might be bland, but Ina packs in a lot of flavor in some otherwise beige food. Capers, lemon zest, garlic, fresh herbs, gruyere, and a sprinkling of red pepper flakes really make this dish interesting, and it’s a great main dish for a vegetarian dinner. I didn’t capture a great photo of the actual dish once it was baked up, but it went pretty quickly with the crowd of line dancers we had at church tonight.


Completed/remaining: 717/153

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