Moroccan Grilled Lamb Chops & Couscous with Pine Nuts and Mint

I’m afraid I feel like a bit of a fraud using Ina’s titles for these recipes when I ended up serving up something slightly different. The lamb chops ended up being broiled instead of grilled (because we have a charcoal grill and it’s too damn hot in Houston to stand outside and babysit hot coals), and less Moroccan than she intended because I took out the turmeric and coriander and added some oregano. They don’t look nearly as beautiful last the cookbook photo, but they were really delicious. I broiled them in the oven on some nonstick foil, which is probably going to give us cancer, but it sure makes clean-up easy. The couscous was equally delicious because I was smart enough to set aside enough homemade chicken stock to make it, but not smart enough to keep the pine nuts from burning, ruining the ingredient and the pan (along with a measuring cup, somehow) in the process. Either way, the couscous was great, and good for sopping up the extra flavors from the lamb marinade. The fresh mint in the couscous was a nice highlight for the mint that was in the lamb marinade. The little side salad is a little bit Ottolenghi, and a little bit Melissa Clark – it’s cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, whatever fresh herb we have on hand (this time basil, but other times dill or parsley), a dash of coarsely ground sea salt, and a splash of a citrusy vinegar (tonight, a white balsamic). I’ve been making it several times a week when we need something a little bit fresh on the side. All in all, this dish didn’t photograph well, but it smelled and tasted wonderful, and it was easily quick enough for a decadent weeknight dinner.



Completed/remaining: 723/147


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