Lentils and Kielbasa and Easter!

I bought the ingredients for Ina’s Lentil Salad with Kielbasa (from Cooking with Jeffrey) earlier this week, but then Holy Week happened. We had chili early in the week, and it seemed too soon for lentils. Then we had the regular work and school commitments, piled on church schedules, and reasons to go out and celebrate. So when Saturday rolled around, the leeks and carrots and fresh herbs were still looking at me and saying, “what are you going to do about us?” We had invited some friends over for egg dye-ing on Saturday afternoon, and I had planned to go out and get sandwich and salad stuff on Saturday morning. I texted them on Friday night, and they promised that lentils sounded great. I made the lentils with kielbasa, which was visually terrifying but delicious, a salad with arugula, beets, and honey balsamic vinaigrette, fruit, and Rice Krispie treats cut into Easter shapes for dessert. Despite the lentils’ overdone-ness (mea culpa) and terrible appearance, they were delicious. I thought I had a turnip, which is called for in the recipe directions, but it turned out to be a beet, so I didn’t use it. I used homemade chicken stock in place of water to cook the lentils, which I think upped the flavor quite a bit. After we had lunch and dyed the eggs, we made Easter bunny masks.


The boys received their Easter baskets on Saturday morning, and we go all out for reasons I discussed here.  They are getting so big, but never too big for Easter baskets.



Completed/remaining: 735/135

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