Orecchiette with Farmstand Tomato Sauce

IMG_5643I suppose this (from Cooking with Jeffrey) would be the kind of thing you’d make if you were an avid gardener and you had more tomatoes than you could eat. To me, though, that’s like saying, I suppose you could make origami out of your hundred dollar bills if you had more cash than you thought you could spend. I’ve never been able to grow tomatoes, and now that we live in Houston, I can barely find good ones to buy. For a few weeks, there were delicious tomatoes at the farmers’ market, but making them into sauce would seem almost cruel. So, I bought some lame grocery store tomatoes for this sauce, which was … OK. It was better than eating the cardboard-y tomatoes raw, but that’s not saying much. It was a lot of chopping and simmering, when Ina herself admits that Rao’s makes a perfectly delicious jarred sauce. (Which, even at $8 per jar, is less expensive than making this sauce, unless you’re one of those lucky gardeners, I guess.)

It wasn’t horrible, but I don’t think it was worth all of the fuss. Meh.

Completed/remaining: 737/133


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