Fresh Peach Bellinis

Say you’ve got a couple of ripe peaches and a bottle of prosecco just waiting to be used.  Peach bellinis for everyone!

The recipe (from Barefoot Contessa at Home) calls for pureeing the peaches with some lemon juice and sugar before mixing it with the prosecco.  For that reason, I think you could use frozen peaches for these when peaches aren’t in season.  I used the blender instead of the food processor, and added a bit of the prosecco while blending, because the blender tends to need a little more liquid to keep things moving.

Completed:  333

Remaining:  265


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  1. Blender? Food processor? What is this, 1978? Let me introduce you to the current millenia, and the tool of choice for such tasks, the Kitchen Baler ($2,499, Fleet Farm). Originally developed for pressing boxes into compact bales, this hydraulic contraption can flatten a car. Just keep track of your thumb!

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